Monday, 7 March 2011

Travel Show

First of all, sorry I've not updated this blog in a while. Places to go, people to avoid, jobs to get etc, but I'm back now so you don't have to worry anymore!

Friday was the Travel Trade show in Birmingham and during the day we found the World Entertainment Stage where there was a show that presented a number of animals from different place in the world, so naturally, I took photos.

Meerkats! Cute, famous, and smelly!
Fortunatley its not yet possible to get smelly photos, so think yourself lucky. Still, pretty adorable.

The Skunk. Weirdly enough, not actually as smelly as a Meerket when its not thretened. Plus, its just as cute!

The standard pretty Parrot! Just as talkative as you would imagin too. This did have a lot of words behind it, but thanks to the photoshopping of Danny, its all better now!

The not-so-famous Genet. The cousin of the Meerkat. This animal is cat-like, quick, cute, and would definitely attempt to kill anything it sees, whether it's a threat or not.

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