Saturday, 16 April 2011

The Adventures of a Geocacher!

Today we both had the day off, the sun was shining, and for once I wasn't tired. All these things could only mean one thing: It's a day for Geocaching!

For anyone that doesn't know what geocaching is, I best explain. Geocaching is basically a digital treasure hunt. There are millions of people all over the world that take part in geocaching and the basic idea is that somebody hides a cache (usually a small tub or a film canister, depending on where it is hidden), upload the co-ordinates of their cache onto the geocaching website (, and then, using some form of GPS, someone else will try to find it. Because this is done by millions of people you can find some fantastic places that you would never have seen in your life if it wasn't for these caches. 
If none of that made sense, feel free to visit the website that I mentioned earlier. Its really good fun.

Anyway, back to today. I thought that I would make a small geocaching photoblog to show you what we do.

<-- First things first. Using your GPS of choice (ours being the iPhone), find a nearby cache and follow the co-ordinates.


Then go down whatever path it sends you down, even if it looks a little odd. -->

<-- Once you arrive at the destination that your GPS is sending you, then it is time to read the clue. For this one the clue was 'NOT THE CONCRETE ONE'.
Naturally, we assume the clue is referring to the posts.


Found what looks like the only possible place for the cache (It's under the wood!)    -->

Here's the cache!

All you need to do now is sign the log book.....

.... and leave a little gift. Our choice of the day, a chick!

I'll be honest. Some caches aren't always as straightforward as that one. The caches themselves aren't always that big or that easy to find.
Today we did come across some...issues.

There was the 'footpath' that was more nettles and brambles than actual path!

We had the 'difficult to find' cache.


Then there was the 'too small to see' cache. (Can you guess where it is?)

And of course, there was the 'snap happy' camera girl!

But hey! Its all part of the fun! (Until things go wrong, but that's another story! (

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