Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Hello All!

As you may have already guessed, I'm new on here, so I figure that the first thing I should do is introduce myself!

I'm Charlotte! At this very moment in time I am 22 years of age and living in Leeds.

I am very interested in photography and although I am not even close to being a professional, I love taking photos and want to be day!

In theory, I will use this place to display my photos and tell you a little bit about them. There is also a chance, however, that I may just use it to rant every so often, but we'll see what happens.

The picture is of me by the way, and Mike of course. Unfortunately it wasn't taken by me, but one day, I hope.

It is probably obvious, but this page is still in the middle of being created, so the links will send you funny places (if anywhere at all). I'm not too great with this kind of stuff, so have to wait for my technical guy to take a look at it.

I suppose that’s all for now, but I plan on coming back, a lot, so don't worry too much!

See ya!

Charlotte xx


  1. Have you thought about doing 365 photography, and posting a pic a day. That way you can see how your photos improve over the course of a year.

    Good luck with the site,
    Aimee xx

  2. Yeah, I think I should. I already know what I'm taking a picture of tomorrow (Assuming all goes well lol)

    Thanks :)