Friday, 11 February 2011

Say hello to MEG!

Usually, one of the first things in photography that people want to practice on seems to be the family pet, and obviously I'm no different.

Meet Meg!

After a quick tennis ball throwing session and a number of camera clicks, this was the result!

This one, although I'm not sure the focus is quite right, I love being able to see the ball coming towards her, and clearly she can see it too!

This is the photo that I am most proud of today. Although not perfect, this grown up dog actually looks like she's a puppy again.

Composition wise, this is one of my favourites, although technically could be better. But hey, something to work on I think!

So far so good I think. I've got lots to work to do, but I guess that's how you learn. Not sure what's coming on here tomorrow, so a surprise for everyone!

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